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The Most Impactful Employee Volunteer Programs You Need to Know About

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SmartSimple Software is a global leader in online Employee Engagement and Corporate Giving solutions. Our flexible software transforms how enterprises manage, track, and measure the full impact of their CSR programs, delivering innovative, client-centric solutions that strengthen their triple bottom-line.


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In collaboration with VolunteerMatch, we've highlighted how 15 companies are taking unique approaches to impact their communities through their shared values and employee's passion to do good. 

In this 19-page guide, you'll discover snapshots of what makes each employee giving program both unique and successful, so you can borrow proven strategies to try with your own program. Each snapshot contains an element that can help elevate your community impact, develop your employee skill base, enhance operations, and propel your purpose.

Included in this guide are employee volunteer programs that have:

Contributed over 6 million hours of service to more than 10,000 projects

Increased employee participation by 178% in one year

Provided 195,000 meals to communities in more than 60 countries