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Global Toll-free: 1.866.239.0991

Achieve more in 2019 with a simpler way to manage grants

All you need to manage grants efficiently

Trusted by foundations of all sizes worldwide

Unlimited, best-in-class support

Speak with our in-house support team with live, round-the-clock coverage 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, to get the answers you need.

Partner with us to help you meet and maintain the legal and technical requirements to comply with GDPR.

A fully GDPR compliant platform

Needs change with time. That's why SmartSimple comes with built-in flexibility to iterate your system without feeling held back.

Ready to flex when you are

More mission, less admin

Designed to help foundations with few staff achieve more with a more streamlined way to manage giving.

SmartSimple integrates with your existing enterprise financial, HR, CRM, & ERP systems, and offers electronic signatures.

Integrates with accounting system

Deploy your employee giving programs to the entire world with unlimited multi-language and multi-currency support.


Have a limited budget or basic granting process? SmartSimple Direct was built for you.

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your grantmaking

Automate tedious tasks & simplify the experience for grantees & reviewers

Our agile setup process minimizes interruption to your day-to-day activities

Get setup & 
launch in 2 weeks

We believe simple is best, so we only equip you with the features you need

No hidden fees or complicated features

Benefits to elevate your grantmaking

SmartSimple Software is a global leader in online Employee Engagement and Corporate Giving solutions. Our flexible software transforms how enterprises manage, track, and measure the full impact of their CSR programs, delivering innovative, client-centric solutions that strengthen their triple bottom-line.



Watch the 4-minute demo
"SmartSimple already had the platform with the solutions we needed, and the fact that it could be delivered in two weeks was ideal." 

Melissa Bradford-Britton

NCB Foundation

Colleen Gonzalez

"SmartSimple has given me an avenue to serve more people in my community while saving a lot of administrative time."

GROW Central Florida

 "SmartSimple is ideal for increasing efficiencies, but it’s so much more than that."  — Linda Thompson, Helios Education Foundation

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For up to 3 staff users & 
50 simultaneous applicants per month.


Monthly Plan

per month

Portals for applicants, staff & reviewers
Support for us to 3 grant programs
Meeting Manager
Easily printable applications
UK Charity Commission, IRS integration


Save 18%

Annual Plan (Best Value)

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per year

Automated email notifications and alerts

We simplify routing every application through each stage in your granting process – from draft to awarded – for up to 3 programs.

Your simple granting lifecycle, accommodated

Built-in CRM tools easily send and track all communication for a comprehensive record with your applicants, grantees, and staff.

CRM for better relationship management

Always stay on top of the status of your grant programs and every submission with straightforward access to what you need most.

Easy-to-use staff portal with dashboards

Regain time spent updating your applicants and staff one-by-one for a more effortless way to keep everyone on the same page.

Automatically verify charity status

Validate the status of organizations with government databases, including UK Charity Commission, IRS, and more, in seconds.

Intuitive grant application forms

Simplify collecting all the information you require to award the best applicants, including document and rich media attachments.

Branded registration page

Capture all the details needed to register grantseekers through a single page with your organization's branding.

Easy-to-use grantee portals

Route grantseekers and grantees to their own portal to easily access, apply, and track grant applications anywhere, anytime.

Easy-to-use reviewer portal

Relieve the headaches of reviews with a simplified portal housing all the application details for effective assessments.

An intuitive grant review form

Reviewers can breeze through adding their scores and comments on grant applications at their convenience.

Manage upcoming review & board meetings

Realize dramatic time savings organising meetings, inviting participants, and auto-generating agendas or board books.

Schedule payments for approved grants

Once applications are reviewed, scheduling payments to successful grantees by amount, date, and interval is easy.

Convenient post-grant reporting

Measure the effectiveness of your investments with progress reports for grantees to complete at pre-scheduled intervals.

Privacy Policy

With no hidden fees and fast, easy setup, SmartSimple Direct is a refreshingly clean and simple solution. Under the hood, SmartSimple Direct is powered by the same platform that makes us the grants management system of choice for large private, family, community, and corporate foundations in nearly 200 countries worldwide.

Watch the 4-minute demo

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For up to 3 staff users.
Up to 50 concurrent users per month.


per month


per year


Portals for applicants, staff & reviewers
Support for up to 3 grant programs
One-step application process
Email notifications & communications tracking
Easily printable applications
Grant progress reports
UK Charity Commission, IRS integration
Live support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

BEST VALUE (Save €1,200)

(Save €1,200)

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