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Implementing a successful CSR strategy is complex and challenging

That’s why we’re excited to offer a host of real, practical workshops focused around some of the most fundamental questions and challenges that organizations face today in building and implementing CSR strategy and integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.

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Our CSR workshop topics

What are the 17 UN SDGs and why they were created 

A review of  the SDGs actionable targets and how they can be best applied to your CSR program 

How adopting the SDGs impacts Employee Engagement, Brand and Corporate Reporting 

Actionable steps to consider in integrating the SDGs into an existing CSR program 

A review through case studies of effective applications of the SDGs to existing CSR and organizational strategy

Get an in-depth overview of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework. In this workshop, we’ll be discussing why the UN SDGs has become one of the preeminent CSR frameworks that tens of thousands of organizations are now adopting. We’ll also provide you with guidance on how to optimize the impact of your organization’s giving efforts through utilizing SDGs.

Learning outcomes:

1. The Fundamentals of the UN SDGs

2. Choosing the Right UN SDGs for Your Organization

It’s one thing to want to implement UN SDGs into your CSR program, it’s another to implement the right ones. In this workshop, we’ll provide you with a step by step approach to measure your preparedness to integrate the UN SDG framework into your existing or new CSR program. We’ll also provide you with practical tips on how to choose the most appropriate SDGs that align with your organization's philanthropic mission.

Learning outcomes:

Complete an SDG assessment and see what is the SDG most suited to your business 

Strategies to engage the right stakeholders needed to make your SDG decision 

A step by step approach to integrating the SDGs into your organization 

A framework on how to assess the impacts of your selected SDG to your core business drivers, brand, employees, customers, and more. 

Effectively reporting on and communicate your CSR program 

SDG-washing: what is it and what are the steps to avoid it

A review of  the latest research on the positive link between CSR reporting and organizational performance 

A review of the different types of sustainability and CSR reporting and how they integrate with the SDGs 

Understanding why there is rising demand for Integrated Reports from corporations and why CSR has made this trend so popular

How disclosing your CSR impacts employee engagement, brand, and profit

In the modern age of socially-conscious businesses, adopting a CSR program can be a critical element in addressing stakeholder concerns. Yet, slapping a UN logo on your website isn’t enough to prove you’re making an impact on the SDGs you’ve aligned with. In this workshop, we’ll be walking you through best reporting practices,  how to avoid “SDG-washing” and how to effectively demonstrate your impact against your company’s mission.

Learning outcomes:

3. Best Practices in Reporting Your SDG Impact

4. How to Develop and Integrate A Strong CSR Policy

In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to formulate and reformulate the objectives of your new or existing CSR program. We’ll also provide you with a practical framework to help you review your business and identify the best opportunity for your CSR program to be effective all while providing real holistic business value to your operations.

Learning outcomes:

Learn how to design a CSR Stakeholder Engagement Plan to identify which SDG’s are most impactful for your organization 

Determine the best SDGs for your organization to align with or integrate into your existing CSR program 

How to establish and integrate KPI’s and measurement protocols of your SDG initiatives 

How to engage employees in the new or revised policy and report on their results 

What are the most effective reporting and communications tools for all stakeholders

5. Driving Employee Engagement in Your CSR Program

Strong CSR programs equal strong employee engagement. By developing a uniform program to unify employee efforts, it retains, improves, and helps recruit talent. In this workshop, we’ll provide practical, actionable tips that leverage your CSR program to drive a positive, lasting impact that increases Employee Engagement.

Learning outcomes:

A review of the best employee engagement practices for your CSR program including fundraising and volunteering 

How to measure your employee activities against your CSR impact 

How to develop comprehensive employee engagement strategies for greatest impact 

Case study review of best practices of employee engagement in CSR programs 

Generate employee engagement concepts exclusive to your organization

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Meet the Facilitator – Karen Malone, CEO of LitPark

Karen is an experienced leader in CSR, a Certified Sustainability Practitioner, and is the Canadian Affiliate for the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence. She works at the strategic level, identifying the best opportunities for practical and meaningful approaches to social responsibility and sustainability. Her work includes customized programs and strategies for clients in the health, HR, utilities, software, cannabis, and sanitation sectors. 

Committed and not afraid to challenge beliefs, Karen digs deep into current evidence creating a bold and profitable vision for your organization, adding value to the economy and meeting the needs of an expanding population and its emerging social and environmental priorities.

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6. Make-Your-Own Workshop

Have questions that aren’t answered in any of the workshop topics above? Let us know and we’ll create a personalized session to address your specific challenges.

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